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  • Yet Another Reason to Stop Using Internet Explorer

    The BBC reports that a recent study by the research group AptiQuant found that the average Internet Explorer user has a lower average IQ than users of Chrome and Firefox.  Users of Opera and Camino were found to have the highest average IQ’s.

    AptiQuant offered free online IQ tests to over a 100,000 people and then plotted the average IQ scores based on the browser on which the test was taken. And the results are really not that surprising. With just a look at the graphs in the report, it’s pretty clear that Internet Explorer users scored lower than average on the IQ tests. Chrome, Firefox and Safari users had slightly higher than average IQ scores. And users of Camino and Opera had exceptionally higher IQ levels.

    If you’ve never heard of Opera or Camino, then we have to assume that you’re not as smart as you think you are.

    AptiQuant stressed that using IE doesn’t mean you have low intelligence. “What it really says is that if you have a low IQ then there are high chances that you use Internet Explorer,” said AptiQuant CEO Leonard Howard.   Hmmm… “high chances”? – must be an Internet Explorer user.

    Loyal IE users have already threatened AptiQuant with legal action, which seems to further reinforce the results of the research.

    Although there has been no similar research correlating intelligence with smart-phone operating systems, it seems clear that users of Windows Mobile might want to join that class action suit.