Widespread power outages have knocked out email and server services for multiple customers.  For those customers who have purchased Spam Soap Email Message Continuity, follow the instructions below to access and reply to any email that is being held on SpamSoap servers.  The mail will be held until normal service is returned at which time it will be gradually released to your mail servers.

1.  Log onto the SpamSoap Console at:  http://console.spamsoap.com

2.  Your username is your company email address.  Your password is the same password you use to check your spam quarantine.  If you don’t know your password, send a text or email (from your personal account) to me at 781-315-6155 or mike@netgaintech.com  and I will update your account with a new password.

3.  Once you have logged in, select the Message Continuity tab.  You will see your held messages and can reply to or forward them as usual.  Remember to always use full internet addresses even for company colleagues, since this mail is being routed over the internet.  Separate email addresses with a comma, with no space after the comma.

4.  Also indicate if you would like me to save your personal email address for future communication in emergency circumstances.