Small businesses and startups have demanding technology needs, but DON’T have IT staffs or large budgets with which to satisfy those needs.

To grow your business IT must deliver more systems faster and operate them in a secure, reliable environment. Overseeing this effort requires an unusual combination of technical know-how, business acumen, and organizational leadership skills. Your technology leader, whether in-house or not, needs to be a business strategist, IT strategist, IT functional leader, technology advocate, and change agent.

As a small business you need to be thinking about your customers, not your network. And you need to run your business in a way that minimizes your fixed costs and avoids non-critical hires while still allowing you to understand and make the right technology decisions along the way. That’s where we come in.

Having successfully navigated the Startup to IPO path with “Applied Science & Technology, Inc.” (now MKS Instruments, Inc) we understand your needs, your urgency, and most important, your budget. That is why our services are priced to help you grow.

These are just some of the folks we’ve successfully grown with and continue to help on an ongoing basis: