Since Groupon went public in a much ballyhooed IPO their stock has dropped 42% from the IPO price.   Why this should surprise anyone is beyond me.  This is a business model that relies on selling half price massages and yoga lessons to impulsive web surfers in the hope that they will never get around to using the services they purchased.  Sooner or later, even the most compulsive of shoppers has to realize that 50% off something you would never have bought in the first place is just a really, really bad deal.  Add to that some questionable accounting practices and throw in a bunch of employees chomping at the bit to cash out and you have a recipe for yet another dot-com debacle.  Sure, the marketplace has been waiting years for the next, but the Groupon phenomenon is looking more and more like a pump and dump on the part of the big institutions that controlled the IPO shares.  One more reason to occupy Wall Street.