If you’ve been spending $250 on Adobe Acrobat licenses just because everyone in your organization needs a pdf converter of some kind, it’s time to save some money and speed up your users as well. Bottom line is that very few users in an organization need the Adobe Acrobat product. Unless you are a document publisher or designer you can get by easily (and I’d venture to say happily) with two free products that replace Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader.

Even if you use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader product, you no doubt have noticed how long it takes to load each time you want to open a pdf file. And that’s not the half of it – literally. Acrobat Reader is SO inefficient that it partially loads on start-up of your computer, just so you don’t pull your hair out waiting for it to finish loading each time you open a document. (Don’t believe me? – Open MSconfig and look at your startup items). And then of course there are all those documents that Acrobat Reader just refuses to display at all. The solution? REMOVE Acrobat Reader from your system and replace it with the tiny Foxit Reader.

Foxit Reader is a free PDF document viewer and printer, with incredible small size (only 2.55 M download size), lightning-fast launch speed and a rich feature set. Not only do pdf files open instantaneously (and that’s not an exaggeration), you can actually select portions of documents, copy and paste text and do other things that Reader just won’t let you do without buying it’s high-maintenance parent. Download it here – and thank me later.

Sure, that’s easy you say, but how about converting documents to pdf? Adobe couldn’t possibly sell Acrobat for $250 if there were products out there that do it free, you say. Wrong. There are several. They may not have the entire feature set of a full-fledged Adobe Acrobat, but I’ve been using one of them for six years now and have not needed a single feature that is unique to Acrobat. Again, 90% of your users can get by easily with CutePDF Writer.

Get it at http://www.cutepdf.com/Products/CutePDF/writer.asp

CutePDF works the same way Acrobat does. It shows up in your printer list as a selection and immediately converts and presents the converted document. It’s FREE for personal, commercial, government or educational use! No watermarks! No popup Web ads! Time to break the Adobe stranglehold on our budgets!